Upping the Ante at Breakfast

Upping the Ante at Breakfast

Breakfast is gradually becoming a key factor in the Africa Lodging Industry. Be it continental, local, or Afro-continental, the quality of breakfast served and the efficiency in serving them is fast becoming a deciding factor when itcomes to repeat business today.

Understanding what your clients want for breakfast and anticipating changing trends will always lead a hotel to seek continuous innovations on how to up their ante at breakfast.

 Breakfast Buffet in Africa Context

Travelers to Africa are enjoying the wide variety of menu on their breakfast tables. Whether served in-room or in a buffet style, the varieties to choose from is fast becoming an Identity for an average hotel in Africa today. Hotels anywhere in Africa will often offer you the option of enjoying the delicacies of their local breakfast, enjoy the standard continental breakfast or have a blend of local and international delicacies in an Afro-continental style breakfast. The options of Afro-continental breakfast is fast becoming trendy in this part of the world and many hotels are upping the buffet to meet this growing demand.

To keep an average African traveler satisfied at breakfast takes more than the provision of toast bread, tea/coffee, sausages, eggs and puddings commonly served as continental breakfast. A toping of scrambled eggs, fried plantain and slices of boiled yam will make your breakfast buffet rich for the average African traveler and full of options for a European and American Guests.

It is often important to study the cultural diversity of your hotel guest in other to anticipate the nature of breakfast buffet you need to set up. More recently, there is an increase in Asian travelers to Africa and this calls for serious adjustments in breakfast style.

When planning breakfast for your hotel, always include some fat and protein this keeps your guest feeling full longer without boosting your blood sugar levels. Here are some ideas: adding cold cereal or oatmeal with 1 percent milk and a small handful of nuts. One or two eggs served with whole grain, wheat or rye toast and fruit. It’s a no-frills meal with all the good stuff you need to start your day.

In Kenya and Tanzania, a typical breakfast will include Chapati (made from wheat flour), Mandazi (deep fried wheat flour, egg, baking soda and sugar batter), beef samosas, hard boiled eggs (served with finely chopped onions and tomato) and milky tea. In Uganda, having roasted plantain with grilled beef or beef stew and milky tea will make a whole lot of sense.

In Eritrea and Ethiopia, a toping of fir-fir or fatira (which is a pancake of sorts) and coffee will go a long way to making your guest very happy. In Nigeria, a toping of Ògì— a porridge made from corn, usually served with evaporated milk and akara or Moi moi both made from grounded bean paste; while akara is fried in hot oil, moi moi is wrapped in leaves or foil and then steamed. Adding this to your breakfast buffet will go a long way to capturing the hearts of your Nigerian guest.

However, the diversity of your hotel guests, one major area of common interest found amongst travelers is in their quest for information on what is happening around them. In a nut shell, people love to listen to news, be it local or international and as such having local newspapers handy, a radio or a TV set tuned to the news channel is often an additional service that gives customer satisfaction.

The need to add new recipes at interval will re-ignite the bud for a frequent customer who would love to explore new options.

Competition for Complimentary Breakfast:

International hotel brands like the Four Point by Sheraton, the Hilton Hotel, and some local hotel chains in Africa like Rockview Hotels, Lonrho Hotels and African Pride Hotels, Lodges & Country Houses are overhauling and updating their complimentary breakfast programs.

The quality of the morning meal is fast becoming a key differentiator among brands today, as well as a factor in which customers choose where to stay these days.

Hot Takeaway

Breakfast is the highest capture rate of the day for many hotels, and it’s colliding with increasingly sophisticated customer tastes. If a hotel can Impress guests with a high-quality, healthy and memorable breakfast, they likely will have an edge on the competition when it comes to repeat business.


By Mr. Horecan



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